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The Best Tree Care Services In Los Alamitos

Parga Tree Service Inc. has been in the tree care industry for 35 years offering complete tree care services in Los Alamitos. Since the beginning, our tree care experts provide the highest quality tree care in the county and around while maintaining very affordable rates.

Our team is experts in all types of tree trimming, pruning, care and removal services.
Whether you need a basic tree trimming, new trees planted, or help cleaning up your property after a big storm, trust Parga Tree Service to get the job done right. All of our trucks are fully loaded to haul away tree trimmings for compost.

Our team has all of the modern and correct equipment to bring you the best results on the job. We guarantee the beauty and health of your trees by using the right equipment and team. We carry all the necessary equipment for any size job including power stump grinders and chippers.

Tree Trimming

Our team has the knowledge that dead palm fronds can cause accidents or injuries to passersby, start a fire hazard in your yard, or may be home for pests too. Therefore, palms need to be trimmed and skinned.

Tree Pruning

Our experts can determine what type of pruning is the best choice to maintain the tree’s health improving its image and safety. In addition, pruning large trees can be a dangerous task without the correct experience.

Tree Removal

Our specialist can help determine whether or not a tree should be removed because this is a last resort usually. Our tree care experts have the skills, equipment and experience to efficiently remove trees safely.

Stump Grinding

Our arborists are well-trained to remove tree stumps using a rotating cutting disk called a stump grinder. This very powerful equipment that chips away the wood of the stumps taking care of your needs.

Planting Services

Our planting specialists know how to plant the right tree in the right place to improve its health and growth. Our arborists recommend the appropriate tree for the desired location assisting in proper planting.

Emergency Tree Care

Bad weather conditions such as thunderstorms can cause big damage to entire trees, which can result in costly damage to properties. These trees need to be trimmed or removed quickly to prevent accidents.

Residential & Commercial Tree Care Services In Los Alamitos

We are a premium tree care service in Los Alamitos. We offer a full range of residential and commercial tree care services. In Parga Tree Service Inc., we have workers’ compensation, liability insurance, and certified arborists on staff for a peace of mind.

For a Professional Tree Service in Los Alamitos
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