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Parga Tree Service, Inc.

We’ve been in business since 1985 and are proud to offer complete tree care services to all of Orange County. From start to finish, our tree care specialists provide the highest quality tree care in the industry while maintaining a very affordable price. Our staff members are experts in all types of tree care, repair and removal services.

Whether you need basic tree trimming, new trees planted or help cleaning up your property after major storm damage, trust the professionals at Parga Tree Service to get the job done right. For friendly professional service and all of your tree maintenance needs, contact Parga Tree Service.

We are happy to give out estimates any day of the week and at a time that will be most convenient for you. At the time of the estimate, we can be there for as long as you need to answer all of your questions.

We have all of the necessary equipment to bring you the best results on the job. We guarantee the beauty and health of your trees by using the right equipment. We carry all necessary equipment for any size job, like power stump grinders and chippers. All of our trucks are fully loaded to haul away tree trimmings for composting

For your protection, we have workers’ compensation, liability insurance and certified arborists on staff.


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Tree Pruning

We help you to maintain your tree health and to improve its appearance and safety.

Tree Removal

Arborists have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees.

Stump Grinding

We can remove tree stumps with a rotating cutting disk that chips away the wood.


We can recommend the appropriate tree for the desired location and assist in proper planting.

Emergency Tree Care

We can trim or remove trees if they are damaged because they can cause major damage.

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